Choosing A Bible: Understanding Translation Differences by Leland Ryken

Choosing a Bible: Understanding Bible Translation DifferencesimageChoosing a Bible: Understanding Bible Translation Differences by Leland Ryken
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Whether you are curious about the various Bible translations or not you should read this book. It is very short – all of 30 pages – and extremely informative and helpful in both learning and making a choice on what version of the Bible you want to use for your personal study.

I appreciated the way Ryken succinctly shares the facts in a book that can be easily read in one sitting. It is a book that is to the point and nothing but the point versus a thick “flowery” book that one never quite manages to read from cover to cover. While this is not a comprehensive book – as I am sure there is more that could be said – it says enough to help one know the appropriate settings in which to use the various types of versions.

My only disappointment in this book was that Ryken uses a lot of big words which make it a little hard to wade through at times. However, if you’re willing to either look up words a few times or read what you can, you will enjoy it and benefit greatly from it. And the fact is, it’s so short it’s not that bad to work through – even if you don’t know a word or two. Overall this is a must read for teens to adults of any age. If nothing else you will walk away with a basic understanding of Essentially Literal and Dynamic Equivalent translations.

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