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When Your Heart Feels Homeless by @MandyJHoffman


I placed the smooth stack of sheets used only for guests into the bottom of the sturdy cardboard box.  Then I pulled one of the six extra quilts from the cabinet and stuffed it on top before closing the flaps and sealing it with a strip of packing tape.  As I picked up the black…

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Abby & A Big Scary Monster by @MandyJHoffman

Abby & A Big Scary Monster

The past 24 hours have been, how shall I say this…interesting.  At best. Yesterday morning I awoke with a post-it note already prepared with a list of the morning’s scheduled stops and what time various appointments were to be.  I knew that my time frame was tight – especially with kids along – but I…

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November 7, 2000

Most of you will remember November 7, 2000 for being the first day in the longest election process ever. It was Bush vs. Gore.  And the beginning of weeks of arguments and re-counts. But for me…it was a day about life and death. I began the day voting for the first time and ended the…

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