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Girl Talk by Carolyn Mahaney & Nicole Whitacre

Girl Talk: Mother-Daughter Conversations on Biblical Womanhood by Carolyn MahaneyMy rating: 5 of 5 stars MY REVIEW: It’s got a bright pink cover and fun graphics…it’s a book that’s irresistibly cute! But more important, it’s packed full of Biblical counsel for Mothers and Daughters. It’s a “must read” for any Mother-of-a-Daughter(s), and of course any…

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Difficult Children

EXHAUSTED.  For weeks now that is how I have been falling into bed…not just tired, not just weary, but simply exhausted. I began to pay more attention to what I was eating but didn’t notice a big difference.  I began drinking more water, but only ended up spending more time in my bathroom.  I became…

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