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The Word “Never” Never.  We say this word a lot.  We use it as an expression when we are almost speechless.  Other times we declare something by it’s use, and still some times we use it to command those around us.  We also use the word to share our thoughts about others.  And at times we use…

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Notes On The Fridge

As I walked past our refrigerator the other day, I found this note stuck to the side with a magnet. Translation: “I want anything you gave me for lunch.  Signed Emily. Turn it over.” I love her round-about way of telling me she was thankful for what I packed in her lunch.  And her cute…

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Dog Ears

I like to think of myself as being able to do and balance a lot in life. But quite honestly, while I may be able to pull off looking like I am handling a lot, I often feel very overwhelmed. Often.  VERY overwhelmed. It’s something I battle on a weekly, if not daily, basis.  I…

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This morning I made my current favorite hot drink – Café Mocha – and sunk into my big blue chair to “do the do”.  You know, do the right thing….check my devotional time off my to-do list for the day. I opened up my laptop and began to read today’s scripture passage on my Online…

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I Once Had A Friend…

ecky was her name. God placed her in my life for a special time and purpose. While I still consider her to be a dear friend – and always will – we have lost touch since our move in 2006.  However, I often remember the time God gave us together with fondness and abundant gratitude….

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Uncomfortable Circumstances

We heat our house and our hot water with a wood furnace. But in the summer, (what summer we have!), when we don’t need to heat the house, we switch over to heating the hot water with propane. The short of it all is that the hot water tank is in the bathroom closet and…

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Scuffed Up Knees

I don’t remember the first time my Mom told me about her childhood knees. But I remember the stories she shared with me through out my own childhood. Stories of how her knees were always scuffed up. As you can see in the picture above, Abby’s knees are always scuffed, scraped, bruised, scratched…you name it!…

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Eat Your Carrots!

Last night we had roasted chicken, egg noodles, and steamed peas and carrots for supper. It was delicious and everyone was quietly enjoying their dinner.  Until… Emmy announced she did not want her carrots. Justin explained that she had to eat at least two of them.  “But I don’t want to!” She whined. I responded by pulling…

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Christian Drinking

Christian Drinking

I have a confession to make. On Monday, while I was out grocery shopping, I stopped at Starbucks for my all time favorite drink – a Carmel frappuccino. As I drove from one store to another, sipping on my cool treat, I passed by the mall and it made me remember to back when I…

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