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Learning To Be A Homemaker

This post includes some affiliate links, but only for things I highly recommend. Surrounded by Homemakers My Grandma Joanna makes the juiciest prime rib feast you will ever eat.  Her tasty potato salad is unbeatable, too.  My Grandma Thelma bakes beautiful loaves of sweet cinnamon bread.  She is also an amazing seamstress, sewing quilts for all of…

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A Journey In Balance

It All Began… I created this blog over nine years ago.  It started as a tool to keep in touch with family and friends that we didn’t get to see very often.  At that time, I had a happy infant, a spunky two-year-old, and a curious four-year-old.  Now the days of diaper bags are long gone and we are…

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Best Time Management Tip by @MandyJHoffman

The Best Time Management Tip

Organization is one of my favorite things.  Next to coffee and books.  Right after God, family, and friends. I get giddy over planners, cute pens, and color-coded schedules.  My husband and children will verify this as they have been the beneficiaries *smirk* of laminated bedtime routines, individual schedules, chore charts, and more. Despite these fuzzy…

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Spider Warrant

WANTED: Spiders! (Dead or Gone)

{This post may contain affiliate links.  However, I only link to things I use myself.} A hair-raising scream came from down the hallway.  I tripped over my own feet as I scrambled to respond – my mind quickly imagining blood or broken bones at the other end of the house.  Half way there I hear…

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