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3-6-2012. It’s a date that will stick with me the rest of my life. {And as Hillari and Ashleigh know…that’s a true statement!} It’s the day that Heather…sweet, sweet Heather…went home to be with our Lord and Savior.  She woke up from earthly sleep in the presence of her Creator.  There’s no more pain.  There…

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Life, Death, & Food

Because of what my dear friend Heather Hobbes Burrill is going through right now as she suffers a cancerous brain tumor, my almost 5-year-old, Micah, has been asking a lot of questions about life and death. Today he looked up at me from where he sat on the floor playing with a tractor and wagon…

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I grew up with many friends.  But God gave me three special friends who were like sisters to me. Heather, Ashleigh, Hillari, & Me. We are stair steps.  I’m the oldest, Ash is a year younger than I, her real sister Heather is a year younger, and then Hillari is a year younger than her….

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