The Busy Homeschool Mom’s Guide to Daylight {A Book Review}

The Busy Homeschool Mom's Guide to DaylightThe Busy Homeschool Mom’s Guide to Daylight by Heidi St. John

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The Overview

Heidi St. John doesn’t waste more of your daylight, she gets right to the point! This book is full of encouraging personal stories and helpful pointers. If you are a homeschooling mom and struggling to find enough time to get things done, this might be the next book you should read.

Daylight Book ReviewThe Readability

Daylight is a fun read that takes an overwhelming topic and makes it simple. While it is 8 chapters long, I was still able to breeze through the 195 pages in less than three hours. Each chapter can stand alone, too, making this a great “pick-up and put-down” book for quick reads in 10 minute time slots.

The Highlights

The highlight for me was that she offered help with out overwhelming the reader. This is the book that tackles the main problems with managing your time, not the itty-bitty details that are so drastically different from family to family. The pages are also full of great illustrations and examples that will be a big help to those who have never tried any type of organization for their day.

The Downside

The only downside is that if you are already organized, this fun book most likely won’t help you. If you are looking for tips on specific areas of life – laundry, cooking, paperwork filing, etc – I would recommend looking for a book that deals with that exact area. This book is much more of an overview for those who are organizationally challenged. While I enjoyed this lighthearted read and was encouraged to be more consistent, there was nothing new in this book for me. But I’m the type A that uses color coded schedules for everything in my life!

The Recommendation

I think this is a great book for any woman who feels like they do not know how to organize, or who has never had experience with homeschooling before (either being the student or teacher). For those who are organized, yet have no personal homeschooling experience, this book would be helpful to get an idea of what the big picture should look like fleshed out. A bonus is that Heidi shares more than her own schedules!


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