Brain Rules by John Medina

Brain Rules: 12 Principles for Surviving and Thriving at Work, Home, and SchoolBook three starsBrain Rules: 12 Principles for Surviving and Thriving at Work, Home, and School by John Medina
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Weeks ago now I was browsing my twitter feed when I saw a tweet from Sarah Mae about buying and reading this book. Intrigued I jumped over to amazon and bought it myself in the kindle edition. Well, that was my mistake. I didn’t really look at the reviews or look into what the book…just took Sarah Mae’s word (or tweet in this case) for it and bought the book. Not that I blame Sarah Mae, but I just figured that whatever she was reading had to be good. Okay, so the book was good…well, in an informational way. However, the book is written by an author who believes in evolution. Hook…line…and sinker. So for me, as a Christian believing in the One True God Who created EVERYTHING with His spoken word, I had to wade through a lot to get the good out this book.

So now that I have said all that, let me tell you why I did like this book. I liked it because, once I waded through or as I waded through the junk, there was a lot of basic information that really helped me understand the brain better. And quite honestly made me worship God as I read this book because of His amazing creation hidden beneath our skulls. Each chapter addressed a different rule of how the brain works and then dove into how that function applies to our daily life. I learned how very important exercise is, how sleep can help me learn more, how destructive stress is, and a whole lot more. I personally like to know how things work behind the scenes and this was that kind of book. It’s not a short read, and certainly not light reading. But if you want to understand the human brain more in order to make yours function better, then you would benefit from this book.

I know I already mentioned this above, but I do want to make a disclaimer that I in no way endorse this book. And I HIGHLY advise great discernment as you read. There is a lot of false beliefs tucked into a bit of good information.

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