Genres: Christian Living, Inspirational
Publication Year: 2014
Reforming social media by using social media to glorify God rather than self.
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About the Book

Do you ever feel frustrated by all the drama on Facebook? Do you ever feel anxiety over your children and teenagers using social media? Do you ever feel overwhelmed by the many social media options and wonder if it’s really worth it?

In #ReformingSocialMedia, you’ll not only explore how to use social media, but also why you should even care about it in the first place. Mandy J. Hoffman will help you understand social media terms and platforms, and addresses how the Bible can (and should) inform our use of social media. You’ll learn how to glorify God with your use of social media, even in difficult situations.

What people are saying:

 “Social media is all around us – most of us live and breathe it all day long. Mandy beautifully illustrates how social media can be used for God’s glory and how it can also be a stumbling block to further serving Christ. Through #ReformingSocialMedia, I found myself nodding along as she described the wonderful feeling of being able to connect with friends all around the world, and the conviction of using social media as an escape from real life. I’m so thankful for this solid, Biblical approach to using social media, and I think the biggest take-away is this:  “In light of the Gospel, do I glorify God more through using social media or by not using social media?” This has become my mission statement when I log into Facebook or decide to browse Pinterest. Will what I’m about to post or comment bring Glory to God, or is it more glorifying NOT to post it? Thank you Mandy!”

Jami Balmet, blogger at Young Wife’s Guide and is the author of A Heart Prepared: A Simple and Effective Guide for Memorizing Scripture


#ReformingSocialMedia isn’t just about why we need to think Biblically about our social media usage, it also gives practical tips and applications that are essential in a world full of changing technology. Mandy Hoffman’s unique perspective as a Pastor’s wife really challenges others in ministry to use social media to it’s full potential, while still being aware of the dangers that can come with such a powerful tool.”
– Kalyn Brooke, Creative Savings


“Mandy addresses this super relevant topic with heaps of clarity and grace. Her insights are poignant. I have felt very neutral about my usage of social media in the past- this book opened my eyes and challenged me to filter ALL of it (facebook, blogging, etc.) through the gospel and a desire to glorify God. It has changed not only my online time, but my thought life in general.”
– Rachel, The Purposeful Wife


“Social Media often seems like a free for all where anything goes. Mandy had done a lovely job of communicating through biblical truths what gospel centered social media use looks like. I highly recommend #ReformingSocialMedia to all Christians who use social media in any format.”
– Jenny Depue


“Does the Gospel have anything to say about Facebook? You’d better believe it. Mandy carefully looks at the benefits and pitfalls of social media through the lens of what Jesus accomplished for us through His life, death and resurrection. The end result is a book that thoughtfully informs and encourages us to pursue the glory of God through our online presence.”
– Dan Keaton Pastor, South County Community Church


“Does the Bible have anything to say about social media? Mandy J. Hoffman believes it does. In a style that’s both conversational and convicting, this pastor’s wife addresses the tough topics of social media with confidence and grace. Using personal stories and practical application of Scripture, Mandy exhorts us that whether or not we use social media, our choice must be for the glory of God. I wish this eBook could be required reading for every Christian using social media!”
– Gretchen Louise, GretchenLouise.com

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