The Best Time Management Tip

Best Time Management Tip by @MandyJHoffman

Organization is one of my favorite things.  Next to coffee and books.  Right after God, family, and friends.

I get giddy over planners, cute pens, and color-coded schedules.  My husband and children will verify this as they have been the beneficiaries *smirk* of laminated bedtime routines, individual schedules, chore charts, and more.

Despite these fuzzy warm feelings towards all things planning, I have reached my limit this year.  Between Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, blog posts, and general conversation I am – {GASP!} – tired of time keeping tips.  I am realizing that often I spend more time trying to read books and blog posts on new ways to organize than I do living out those tips.

Imagine that…wasting time by trying to organize time!  It makes for a good joke.  But sadly this joke is true in my life.  As life continues to ebb and flow I have determined that the best time management tip for my life is:

Simply Do It.

For those who feel like I do at the moment – completely overwhelmed – simply walk away from this post and go do something.  Is there a pile of clothes that need to be folded?  Go fold them now.  Are there dirty dishes in the sink?  Go wash them now.

Don’t make a list.

Don’t multi-task.

Don’t try to schedule all the things that need to be done.

Simply do “it”.  Right now.

Do NOT throw out your planner or chuck those cute pens.  There is a time and place for all of that.  When you have five minutes, read a few pages of the great time management books.  There is much to be learned from them.  But when you feel overwhelmed and the “to-do” list seems to never end, simply do it.

What is “it” that you are going to right now?


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  1. Natasha Metzler January 15, 2014 at #

    oohh… i have been learning this very thing.

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