Baby Moses & Miriam

Picture a white Rubbermaid basket with 2 gray handles. It’s about 14 by 10 inches and maybe 12 inches deep. Now picture Abby & Micah…Micah in the basket & Abby pushing & tugging.

Abby picked up Micah & put him in the basket. She gave him some toys and then began pulling him around the house. He giggled as she tugged him here & there.

A few moments later I hear Abby…”Mommy, come see this!”

She was putting Micah’s pacifier in her mouth and spitting it out past where he sat across from her. He would tip his head back and out came one belly laugh after another. Every time she would do it he would laugh harder & harder until his face turned red!

It makes a mother’s heart glad to see the moments their children actually play nicely together.

Did you ever think about baby Moses & his big sister, Miriam? I wonder if she would sit down on the floor with him and make him giggle? I wonder if their mother would come running quickly to say “Shh! They might hear you!” in fear of the Egyptians finding her son. I wonder if she stood around the corner quietly watching them play…treasuring all these moments in her heart & trying desperately to hold onto the images in her mind…maybe a few tears slipping down her cheek…? What would she have thought if she knew the future of her children?

So with that in mind I stand around the corner, treasuring the sounds of little belly laughs and the sight of big grins. A few tears staining my cheek and a thankful smile on my face. I don’t even want to think about the future right now. I want to relish THIS moment and thank the Lord for the simple pleasures in life…because as I’m learning…you never know where 10 or 20 years will take your children.

Lord, I pray that you would bring Abby, Emmy, & Micah into Your fold and help them stay close to You…all the days of their lives. Place in their hearts a desire to bring glory to Your name.

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