At the Throne of Grace by John MacArthur

At the Throne of Grace: A Book of Prayers (Walk in My Ways)imageAt the Throne of Grace: A Book of Prayers by John F. MacArthur Jr.
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Maybe it’s due to my conservative roots or maybe it’s just my personal preferences – I am really not sure – but books full of prayers to pray have always given me an uncomfortable feeling. Like I am plagiarizing on holy ground…or something. However, I highly respect John MacArthur and so when I saw His new release – At the Throne of Grace – I jumped at the opportunity to at least see what it was and maybe just maybe dip my toes into the pool of prayer books.

The first thing that I appreciated about this book was the introduction written by his children who share that they were the ones that begged him to have some of his prayers published into book format. This letter reassured me of MacArthur’s humility in this arena and also made me a feel a little more at ease with reading someone else’s prayers.

This book is divided into five topical sections with a brief appendix. Each prayer begins with an introductory passage of Scripture written out for you to read before the actual prayer. And I must add here that to my utter surprise I quickly found myself enjoying this book and all these prayers from another person. As I read I began to say the words myself and my heart was drawn into worship of our Almighty God.

So why would I recommend this book? Not because I think you should pray the exact same prayers of others per-say, but because I think as you read John’s prayers they help refocus you to worship God more in prayer than just coming with your grocery list of needs for a quick session of begging. You most likely won’t read this book in one sitting or straight through, but rather set it on the coffee table and pick it up every now and then and let yourself slip into moments of worship and adoration of the Creator of all.


Bible teacher MacArthur has a passion for honoring God, obeying his Word, and proclaiming Christ as Lord—and he invites you to join him! Bringing together select readings from over 40 years of his ministry, this collection of prayers and Scripture will stir your heart to pursue a deeper, more meaningful communion with God. 208 pages, hardcover from Harvest.

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  1. Cathy December 14, 2011 at #

    Great review…looks like a book I’d enjoy reading. It’s always nice to have one you can just pick up now and then to focus on the Lord with and also be refreshed. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

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