1 Little Girl + 1 Big Prayer

Last night I texted a sweet friend of mine and made plans to meet at a little playground garden for a picnic and play date. When I had checked out the weather forecast for the week it looked good all week long.

This morning we woke up and got ready to go while listening to thunder, watching the lightening, and feeling the rain. I had a few errands to run before our set meeting time and so I figured that the worse case scenario was to switch from the Story Garden to a McDonald’s with a play place.

{By the way, Emily calls McDonald’s “Ole McDonald’s”!}

As we headed down the road on our way to the first stop my oldest child spoke up from the back seat: “Mommy, it’s going to stop raining soon.”

I cast glances in all directions and seeing only dark gray clouds I asked Abby why she thought that. Her response was ever so serious: “Because I prayed and asked God to stop it.”

My jaw dropped so low it about hit the brakes! I quickly began my own talk with the Lord asking Him to help me use this time to teach her about prayer. No matter what He chose to do.

After our first stop we came out to gray skies clearing and tinges of blue poking through. As we headed on to the next place we talked about how God always answers prayers. I reminded the girls that He either says “yes”, “no”, or “maybe”. Emmy added her 2 cents by saying, “And sometimes He says “wait”, Mom!” I think she put it in perfect words! Then God brought to my mind what they had learned in Sunday School and we then talked about how Hannah had prayed and how God chose to answer her prayer.

It was truly the most awesome experience! As I tucked them into bed on Sunday night we had talked about Hannah praying and the importance of prayer and then here, only 2 days later, God brought a huge lesson and hands on experience for us to walk through. And the neat part was that at Walmart one of the girls told the cashier that we were going on a picnic. She looked rather surprised and asked if it was still raining. I then got to share how Abby prayed and how God chose to answer that prayer.

So 1 little girl + 1 big prayer made for a very special lesson from our Mighty Creator today! And after getting home from our picnic it began to storm again. How totally cool is that?!?!?!

During our time outside I was able to catch a few cute poses for you all to enjoy. My friend Susan was there with 3 out of 4 of her kids, too.

Here are our 2 youngest children, Micah and Nolan, thinking about climbing the climbing wall. They are about the same size but they are almost exactly a year apart! Mr. Micah is too much of a little brute!

This is 5 out of 6 kids giving us silly poses – after we explained to Abby what a pose was!
It’s called the Storybook Garden because each thing in the garden has to do with a book. This is the Secret Garden.

I needed to stay with Micah, so most of my pictures are of him, but I did manage to snap a few of the girls as they zoomed by!

A giant story book with a giant chair and flower pot.
Micah crossing the foot bridge. Literally! They have flowers planted in all kinds of shoes all around this bridge.

Micah with his Oreo mustache giving me a “cheese” from the house of the 3 bears.

Micah is actually in the right window playing the part of Goldilocks in male form!

And “Miss-I-Can-Do-Anything” Emily climbing the wall. No surprise there!
There was so much more but I did not have time to get good pictures. Hmmm…can’t imagine why!
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  1. Tarrah July 8, 2009 at #

    What an amazing day you had Mandy. God is so good and what a good mommy you are to take that moment to teach your kiddos the power of prayer. And how Amazing that it started to rain when you got back home 🙂

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